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Notice for AKUites

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

AKU Test Prep Tips!

If you are studying Alevels, things should not be too hard. Just ensure that you know your Alevels well. My Biology teacher (Dr. Afshan) used to say "Make sure Alevels is your strength". You don't want to mess up an Alevel question (AS or A2 related) just because you were too lazy to review it. If you are in your first year right now, consider yourself lucky; from now on, if you decide to study AS and A2 really well, clearing the test should not be an issue.

But ofcourse, questions purely from the Inter syllabus do appear - (and they must or else PMDC say phadda 'on'). You could sit down and study/rattofy all the 11th and 12th grade Bio Phy Chem Inter books like a champ; ofcourse itll help you out if you have plenty of time, but
i doubt such elaborate measures are at all necessary. Contrary to popular practice, I would encourage you to look at the AKU-IED syllabus that the AKU college board uses for their students. Its on their website: Admission test cirriculum
Try highlighting all the topics which seem new and then work on them. This technique is helpful when it comes to physics and chemistry but not biology. The biology syllabus is significantly alien to the Alevel one.

The AKU test has a reputation of being a really bad and tough test that makes sure the cream of the cream makes it to the next step of the admission process. Personally, i don't think that is entirely true. Sure they want intelligent people, but want they don't need are just rattofiers (wrote-memorizers). They want people who understand what they learnt at school and can effectively apply that knowledge to new situations by analyzing and thinking critically. Thats why you often face an MCQ question like: Why does an Elephant have large paws? Well everyone knows pressure = force/area. But those who truly understand this concept can apply it to this unfamiliar question by saying that it has large paws to reduce the pressure it exerts on the ground due to its enormous weight. This prevents it from sinking too deep into the ground. This may sound simple, but its the type of question you'll face. They normally don't ask straight forward questions like Pressure=? a) force/volume b) force/unit area ... etc

So here are a few tips to help you prepare for the test. I've divided the post into subjects:
AKU Test Prep Guidelines by Subject

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  1. thanks alot for your assistance,i have couple questions to ask(hope that won't bother you),
    1)suggest me the ways to be good at preparing the critical reasoning section as its freaking me out?
    2)i'am not taking any preparatory classes,would it be mattering,if so than tell me the ways to overcome those issues where i can get stuck (that is where students preparing on their own can be put at test)


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