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Notice for AKUites

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Format of the AKU test and Time Management!

If you have been to the AKU Open Day, you would probably know alot of information regarding the format of the test. But let me reiterate all that here.

First of all, you want to check out their sample test paper available on the AKU website. Here is the link:

As you can see, the test comprises of 2 papers. One for English, the other for Sciences.

The first paper lasts 1 hour 15 minutes:

First 20 MCQs are like a SAT exam where you check if the sentence structure etc is correct
Next 10 MCQs ask relatively tough questions from a comprehension. In 2012, we had a
comprehension about offshore oil rigs and new technology related to it. I didn't like it that much.

Then you get about 3/4th to half a page to do some 'expository writing'. They basically give you a proverb and ask you to write whether or not you find it to be true with examples from your experiences to affirm your point. I found the writing space and time to be a little lacking but it should be manageable. In 2012, we had a  proverb which was similar to this "If you want to know someones character, look at the friends he keeps" (Some chinese proverb i think). I believe i had written 2 examples which explained that this was not always the case.

Then you've got to write an argumentative/discursive essay on a topic. They will provide you with one full lined sheet to write it - not more space than that (neither do you have time to write more). The sample test paper has some wierd info about this part of the paper but its mostly wrong. They'll simply give you a question similar to an Alevel General Paper topic (except much more specific) and ask you to write on it with atleast 2 relevant examples to support your point.


You get a relieving 15 min break after the first paper is finished, during which they will provide you with a small juice box and a packet of biscuits. While you eat and relax, they retrieve your papers and give you the second one. Just one problem... You can't go to the bathroom during the break. You can only truly relieve yourself DURING the test. This was quite an issue for sure. I've covered it in depth in My Test Day Story.

The second paper lasts 2 hours 15 minutes:

In my 2012 test,
The 20 MCQs of Biology were not too hard. Only a few inter syllabus related questions
The 20 MCQs of Chemistry were slightly difficult. A few tough ones. Had lots of Benzene questions as usual.
The 20 MCQs of Physics were difficult. No calculators btw, so be good at mental maths (don't worry, they won't ask for complex calculations). They will make sure you know your concepts and can apply them. The best part of the AKU test is that they ask questions requiring critical thinking and analysis which actually makes it a fun experience.

The 30 MCQs of Science Reasoning were not tough. Relatively simple as far as i can remember.
The 30 MCQs of Mathematical Reasoning were what I call fun. Some were easy and some required deep thinking that just keeps you going. Make sure you are managing your time though. They don't ask about complex formulas etc that you may have learnt in Alevels. Its more like a Kangaroo Maths test. I would encourage to look carefully at the mathematics questions in the sample paper.

Time Management:
1st Paper (90 mins):
Spend 20 mins on the first 20 MCQs. Then 15 mins on the 10 comprehension MCQs. The comprehension can take time.
For the expository writing you can spend 20 mins, and for the essay you can allot your final 35 mins.
See what works best for you as you are best acquainted with your skills.

2nd Paper (150 mins):
120MCQs in 150 mins. Thats 1 minute 15 seconds per question. My advice would be to go all out and complete your questions as fast as possible. If a question is posing too much difficulty, just leave it and go on to the next one. If you do this, you'll be left with surplus time at the end of the 150th MCQ which you can then use to go back to the ones you left out. This technique ensures you don't miss out any easy questions just because you ran out of time working on the tough ones.

And for God's sake, fill in the MCQ answer sheet as soon as your done with a question. You have to fill it with a mark sensing pencil anyway (which you can rub away with ease if you change your mind on an answer). Don't leave the filling till the end. One of my friends suffered due to this as he had run out of time and left filling the MCQ answer sheet for the end. He protested slightly and got compensated, but you don't want to go through that hassle, do you?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted this all in one place. I really hope this helps. Any questions? Just give a shout in the comments box, 'cuz i can't hear you'. (yes i agree, that was lame)


  1. it was awesome and that shout requirement was not lame it was cool :P

  2. Hi. I took my AKU test this sunday buy wasn't able to complete iy all.. my English portion went very well and the science reasoning one too.. plus the bio, phy, chem portions were good.. but my maths portion did not get completed... I couldn't answer around 12-15 mcqs... do you think I will make it through to the interviews inshaAllah?

    1. Hopefully you made it to the interviews :)

    2. Can you guide ne about math? What type of math it was?

  3. Hi. Can anyone tell us what is the passing percentage for this year's aptitude test?

    1. Sciences is 67%
      English and Math Reasoning is 55%

  4. I need some questions of math and scientific reasoning for practice. Please let me know about any source as soon as possible.

  5. So after few days I've my really nervous and ive completed my inter from karachi board.i hope i clear the test need some advice regarding reference book

  6. any one can send me his admit card picture at

  7. plzz can you help me an maths its really tough.......
    or give me anything or dea that help me


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