NOTICE for AKUites

Notice for AKUites

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

AKU Test Prep Guidelines by Subject


If you want info on how to study for English, alot of info about it has already been provided in the post: Format of the AKU test and Time Management!

If you really want to prepare something, i would suggest going through a few SAT critical reading and sentence structure questions for practice. But don't waste your time on this as you can never really predict what questions will come in the test. As for the argumentative essay, please pay attention in your General Paper classes in Alevels. If you don't take GP, try having a little interest with newspapers (preferably the international and letters to the editor sections) to broaden your scope of knowledge. I'm saying this because the argumentative essay we encountered in 2012 was something about whether or not

AKU Test Prep Tips!

If you are studying Alevels, things should not be too hard. Just ensure that you know your Alevels well. My Biology teacher (Dr. Afshan) used to say "Make sure Alevels is your strength". You don't want to mess up an Alevel question (AS or A2 related) just because you were too lazy to review it. If you are in your first year right now, consider yourself lucky; from now on, if you decide to study AS and A2 really well, clearing the test should not be an issue.

But ofcourse, questions purely from the Inter syllabus do appear - (and they must or else PMDC say phadda 'on'). You could sit down and study/rattofy all the 11th and 12th grade Bio Phy Chem Inter books like a champ; ofcourse itll help you out if you have plenty of time, but

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