NOTICE for AKUites

Notice for AKUites

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Holidays at AKU

This is just a side note.
Today im enjoying one of those rare holidays you get as a student in AKU.
Its Kashmir Day!
AKU has a policy of following federal holidays only (apart from 3 weeks of summer vacations in June and 2-4 weeks in November). It wont ever call off university due to a provincial holiday (aam tateel) in case of hartaal, strikes, bomb blasts, killings, or anything of the sort. So be ready to see burning tyres and rioting mobs on your way to AKU on such days when your younger siblings/cousins may be enjoying at home due to the tense situation of Karachi, where as and you still have to make your way to AKU no matter what. But this issue is only faced by the karichi-ites, ofcourse. The hostilites are already in AKU and have nothing to worry about. But its all good, Alhumdulillah. Makes me relish these federal holiodays even more. I literally have long weekends now! haha, makes you feel all grown up.

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