NOTICE for AKUites

Notice for AKUites

All students from AKU who wish to help their juniors clear the rigorous AKU admission process are encouraged to submit a written piece about their AKU interview/test experience at! We are sure the readers (prospective AKUites) would love to have your contribution on this blog.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another Contributor

Hey guys,

I was looking for a place to post my experience regarding the 'AKU Challenge' and all the other admission mania (in hopes of doing something for the 'greater good', perhaps) when a couple of AKU Seniors from AKU's Class of 2017  trolled us Juniors (The ones from Class of 2018) at Facebook; the details of the troll are a story for another blog though.

During all that trolling I found out that a senior, Sohaib Qadri, runs this blog. I asked him if I could contribute. He agreed. And, here I am. I could have started my own blog but during the time I was surfing online for help and guidance regarding the AKU test, interview and the likes I was unable to find a blog that had EVERYTHING. Thus, I decided to contribute to an already existing blog so that the ones who plan on applying to AKU have just one place that acts as a complete guide for them.

Hope this blog helps you out. Ask any questions regarding AKU's admission procedure and feel free to point out any specific areas that you need help with so that the new posts can be focused on those.

This shall be it for now. Cheers.



  1. I've heard that it's very rare that people clear the interview. What do they expect from us in the interview? :/

    1. Thank you for pointing this out, Marium.
      I'll be posting about the AKU Interview Experience very soon :)

  2. Welcome Lubaina!
    We trolled you guys well, haha

    1. Thank you :)
      Haha. Yeah. That was a good troll.

  3. Hi, your blog posts are incredibly helpful. Just one question, I am currently a student at the University of Toronto Life Science program first year, and was thinking about applying to AKU this year Insha'Allah. Any advice for a foreign student, I know I have to submit my SAT's but for SAT II it did not really clarify. Any guidance would be immensely appreciated.

    1. Hello!
      I'm from the Class of 2018 in AKU, currently on a overseas seat.

      As the prospectus states you need an 1800+ on your SAT. But that's of course the bare minimum. The higher your score, the greater your chances of getting in. I got in at 2060, and there are others in the class who have a 2300+. I know of one person who got in with a 1900ish (mind you, after being on a waiting list) but I've also seen someone get rejected with the same (no waiting list).

      As for the SAT subject tests, you have to do them. They're not very important as long as you have your American High School Diploma (with a decent %) but you still have to send them in via CollegeBoard as they are a requirement of PMDC. PMDC asks for a 550 on each of Chem, Bio, Phy/Math which most people can do with their eyes closed. I know a guy with an aggregate 2390 on the subject tests get rejected so don't sweat them too much lol. But if you are going to give them you might as well work a bit harder and get competitive scores to make your application stronger.

      I also made a post on an online forum with some more info in it:

      Hope that made it moderately clear. :)

      - B

  4. Thanks a lot :) So SAT's is what you deem the top priority right? So there are reserved seats for foreign nationals then? Oh and congrats man, I've hear many disappointed stories of interviews and rejection I kinda felt like AKU was impossible. Any tips? Other than that thanks a lot for your help :)


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