NOTICE for AKUites

Notice for AKUites

All students from AKU who wish to help their juniors clear the rigorous AKU admission process are encouraged to submit a written piece about their AKU interview/test experience at! We are sure the readers (prospective AKUites) would love to have your contribution on this blog.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Interview Situation

Congratulations to all those who cleared the AKU Aptitude Test!
Now comes Step #2; The Dreaded AKU Interview that has so many myths associated with it.

Last night my friends and I were discussing about this year's test, interview, those who cleared the test and stuff when one of them said a truly quotable quote:
"Know what, Lubaina, the AKU Blog that you guys run is sort of counter-productive when it comes to the interview prep because a lot of people are reading your interview and if all of them answer the way you answered then their interview won't stand out."

And, my friend was absolutely right. So, before any further ado here's lesson #1 for the AKU Interview:
Show them how you STAND OUT.
Show them how your spark is DIFFERENT from the rest.
Show them that you DESERVE to come to AKU.
After all, out of all the applicants ONLY 100 are selected and if you want that to be you than you have to show them how you're unique. Everybody debates and everybody plays football but not everybody can make debating and swimming seem as if they are more than just talking out loud and splashing in the water.

The interviews put up at this blog are just to give the readers an idea about how it goes.

For further tips about the AKU interview, read our previous posts:
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Feel free to ask any questions or sort out any queries that are bothering you.
This will be it for now.


  1. This Blog is pretty amazing! I am really passionate about medicine and quite determined about getting into AKU, but the pursuit of my dream comes with A LOT of questions, and I hope you'll answer them elaborately. :s

    So well, I just did my AS Levels and got 3As (biology, chemistry, psychology) and a B (physics), and I had 4A*s and 4As in my O levels, too.
    Now here I am, wanting to get into AKU, but am so confused about how to make my A2 really productive so I can secure a place in AKU. I don't know if I need to give the SAT 1 (or SAT 2) exams, and I am not aware when to start preparing for my AKU entry tests (or MCAT - whatever I need to give). Also, I don't know what books to consult, and whether I should solely focus on my A2 now or prep myself up for the AKU tests along with it?

    Oh and there's a rumour I heard that Medical Universities in Pak do not accept CIE retakes anymore. Being a straight A student my whole life, this recent B in AS Physics was a slap on the face and I was considering giving a 'composite' A Levels Physics and cover up my weaknesses in it. So, will my retake/composite be void? Or is it an option I should consider?

    I would reallyyyyyyyyyyy appreciate your help, please. :s

    1. you can do SAT I instead of entry test, with a min scoring of 1800 alongside with good SAT II marks. Why put so much pressure on yourself for an entry test when you can do SAT I + you can give the SAT's as many times as you want. I think you should start doing your SAT's from october and continue giving if you need improvement. To all the people who are doing A-level or IB I reccommend you start giving your SAT from year one and improve if you need to, as Aga Khan looks at the score you send and not how many times you have done SAT's.
      Good Luck

  2. Hey anon, i just read your comment and thought i might have a few words for you. I judt did my alevels got 3A*(phy,bio,math) and an A in chem. I gave my sat2 in alevels and got a 2270 in the three sciences which pretty much an average score. Please do atleast 1 or 2 internships as aku requires work experience on their form. Dont give sat1 as its not really important for medical colleges. The rumour about retakes is absolute rubbish as far as i know. Aku has a selective admission procedure but they dont select on such basis. Now solely concentrate on A2 as it will be a piece of cake if you study a little everyday and a living hell if you dont study. Dont worry about entry tests now,. Prepare for them after CIEs from KIPS books. I studied for aku entry test for 3 weeks and passed it. Best of luck :-)

  3. Hey guys!! Where are you these days? I miss this blog and I have a few questions to ask. I know med life is hard and taking time out to write blogs must be hard but can you guys make an it would be great for all of us seeking help for admission. Thanks

    1. Heyyy. We're right here :)
      Ok so I'll initiate a blog post for all the queries that you guys have and answer them accordingly. You can also contact me at


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