NOTICE for AKUites

Notice for AKUites

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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Open Day is here!
Many of you have been inquiring us about this so decided to put it up here.

Here's the link for the details regarding the Open Day:

Date: Sunday, 22nd February, 2015
Venue: Sports and Rehabilitation Centre, The Aga Khan University, Karachi.


  1. On a scale of 1-10 how important are the SAT subject books for preparation of AKU medical test? If i don't study them and instead revise A levels thoroughly will that be fine? (I'm hoping to achieve at-least 80% on the subjects).

  2. If you know your Alevels, and you know it well, you'll pass the test for sure. But to go that extra mile and go above 80, you need to cover stuff that your CIE syllabus doesn't. For that, SAT2 books present a very favorable alternative to the rather bland FSc books(when seen from an Alevel students perspective). Depends on how much time you have, how confident you are with what you already know, and ofcourse, your passion for medicine.

  3. Thank you very much for the reply. Well, I have studied FSc books previously so i don't have any problem going through them.. Do you think that will be okay? Because I read that SAT chemistry is not very relevant to what comes up in AKU that true or not? And that SAT physics is simpler so we can do it if good at A level physic? (I'm repeating thus I have all this time to prepare for the test.) Thank you for your help! :)


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