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Notice for AKUites

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The AKU Application Form - Tips and words of Caution


The AKU application forms come out in Januaray evry year and cost about Rs.200 each. As far as i remember, you get the forms from AKU directly. Once you open the envelope, you should find one of the most simple and easy to fill college application forms ever (if you compare it to the dreadful DOW/SMU or even US university applications). They will require a few attested photographs and detailed info about your schooling history. One of the most important parts is
 the information you give about your father. Make sure whatever you fill is true as it can be subject to future verification (esp if you plan on applying for Financial aid once you get admission).

There is a big issue of being classified as an overseas student. If your father/mother is resident in, and derives a source of income from, a country other than Pakistan in the previous three years, you may get classified as an overseas student. Consequently, you'll have to pay over double the fees and in US dollars only. But if, by any chance, your father works abroad and also has a business in Pakistan, I would adivse you to only mention the Pakistani business part in the form. This should save you from being classified as an overseas student (and hence save you over Rs. 50 Lac in the future). Whatever you do, make sure you can provide proof of that business(they'll ask for it if you apply for Financial aid). Be legitimate and don't lie else you'll just make matters worse.

As far as documents are concerned, they will just require attested copies of your Olevel and AS results (A2 results are to be submitted once you get them in August so don't worry about it at the moment). Whatever education system you belong to, they have got it covered. Just follow the instructions on the form.

Once filled, put the form along with the attested documents in an A4-sized envelope. With the envelope in hand, and Rs.4000 in your pocket, go to the Soneri Bank branch within AKU. Use the bank account details AKU provided in the form and get a cash deposit slip of Rs.4000. Put that slip in your application envelope and SUBMIT it at the 'Office of the Registrar' window. (Note: Rs. 4000 was required in 2012. But it may be a different value the following years. So read the instructions on the form very carefully).

Sorry for the boring details, but hey, who said filling college applications was fun?
Hope this helped. Any queries/corrections, just  let me know in the comments section.


  1. My Dad's been working abroad for more than 3 years now so where does it leave me in terms of admission process and fee structure?

    1. Contact AKU Registrar Office. That is where you'll get the best answer for this question.

  2. i dont have any AS grades because i am giving a subject in Edexcel......will that be a problem?Will i still be able to sit the test?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, you will be able to sit the test as long as you've completed High School/Any board of A levels/FSc or the likes.

  3. If I am an overseas student, do I submit all of this information by mail? As the AKU website has not put in any 2015 application or admission forms.

  4. I repeated a subject so my May/June form says 1 C, 2 Bs, but my October November form says 1A (replacing the C) So do I send both my forms in with my previous + remaining subject grades and new alone grade or can i somehow combine both my new grade with the 2Bs and not send the C that I improved? Does that make a difference?


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