NOTICE for AKUites

Notice for AKUites

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

AKU Open Day - Make sure you attend it!

Around January every year, AKU starts giving out its application forms. Once they do that, they will host an 'Open Day' at their super-awesome Gymnasium. I would HIGHLY recommend attending it as it's quite informative. They'll tell you lots of stuff about AKU and will also explain the format of the test themselves.

Financing education issues, overseas-or-not issues, and other such things get covered. Not only that, but you get to ask them questions on the mike and in person. That should help you clear any and every misconception or confusion with regards to the admission process and beyond. They also provide you with a small notebook and a special Aga Khan University pencil to take notes. I would encourage you to make a list of your questions beforehand so that you don't regret forgetting them later on. When the event is coming up, ill post it on the LATEST Medical College NEWS page of this blog Insha Allah.
My next post will be about the AKU application form. But just on a side-note, the forms actually come out a few days before the 'Open Day'. If you are alert, and you get the form and then submit it fast enough, you could probably get roll no. 0001! My friend's friend submitted his form on the Open Day 2012 and got candidate no. 0001. I don't know if it gives you an advantage in the admission process at all, but if you care about being numbah' 1, then try submitting it on the 'Open Day' or before. I was a little late and got App no. 0029. (But yea, your candidate number would make no difference to the admission officers.)

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